Last drawing of the month!

I‘ve really had a wonderful time with this self-imposed drawing project. My “coloring sessions” each morning always got my creative juices flowing and brought on a peaceful calm and a childlike joyful focus. For some reason I’m reminded of my last day of art school. After 4 years and thousands of hours of people critiquing my art every day, my toughest teacher brought me aside in our last private critique and said, “I want you to forget ALL of those critiques and always remember to paint what you love and create art with joy.”
This seemed like such a simple thing to say but it was shocking to my ears because no other teacher had ever uttered these words. This project was definitely pure joy and celebrated my love of simple color, line, pattern and surrender as I watched to see what my hand would do each day.
****Stay Tuned for more tips on environmental, earth art and materials.

“incubate” 15″ x 15″ $35 ($50 matted)