Dirty Art

Check out my latest article on painting with natural earth pigments entitled “Dirty Art”

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;”>It’s in this month’s New Connexion magazine (July/ August issue) For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, pick up a free copy of New Connexion magazine or read it online.

My husband and I, along with his visiting parents, are driving up Hwy 101 from Northern CA into Oregon when suddenly I screech “Stop! Now!” They all jump and then a second later remember my madness, roll their eyes, and realize I must have spotted another clay soil on the side of the road. My father-in-law reluctantly pulls over and backs up to the beautiful red-orange clay radiating from the road cut. I hurry to hoist my 7 months’ pregnant belly out the car door and lumber up the brushy slope to find the richest specimen, scooping up a few handfuls into a plastic bag. Hustling back to the car, I stash the bag on top of a growing pile of earthen pigment samples that I’ve already collected up and down the coast. Continue with full article…