I’ve always wanted to escape the borders of my paintings. My shapes are so organic and circular, it seems strange to trap them inside a flat, square box. I started freeing my paintings by playing with cut wood, enjoying the sense of it emerging from the wood panels. Later, I applied celluclay, paperclay, and stones for more dimensionality.

This is a small sampling of the numerous paintings that escaped a conventional life in the 2d box. My inspirations come from nature – a river, a spiral current of water, a tree branch, a leaf’s veins, a moth wing, volcanoes, etc.- these guide the forms that I cut out or sculpt. Andy Goldsworthy and Eckhart Tolle inspire my meditative and playful thoughtlessness. My experience of creating these paintings reminds me of playing with daisies and stones in the woods as a child. I think you’ll see how much fun I had.

“Flight from the box” wood pieces on birch

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